Troubador English and British History in 100 Bite-size Chunks

Released: 28/09/2020

ISBN: 9781838595401

eISBN: 9781838596651

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English and British History in 100 Bite-size Chunks


Very often, history is thought of as that lesson we suffered through at school, made into boring facts and figures rather than the rich and interesting tales that actually comprise it. In English and British History in 100 Bite-size Chunks, history is enlivened and broken down into readable ‘chunks’ that anyone can read, and learn, at their leisure. 

Beginning at the beginning, with the physical formation of these lands, it ends where we are now, with our current lifestyle, government, society, beliefs, complexities, fears and hopes. It charts the development of England’s characteristics through the great and the good, and ordinary men and women; those who often get the glory and those who lived lives more hidden from history’s storytellers. It brings to life people, places, events and ideas; and successes and failures. This is not a story of England in splendid isolation but a more rounded picture touching on the influences from and on other places and nations, for good or bad, near and far in geography and time. 100 Bitesize Chunks are followed by a recognition of historic themes and some conclusions, and just a glimpse of the possible future history of a nation.

A commentary on history itself, how we know, how ‘history works’, what we think of it, and how we care for it – or don’t care for it, this book is an encouragement to study history actively through the evidence we can see and touch and interpret, in museums and in its real locations. Ideal for anyone returning to history or for an enthusiast!

History becomes accessible when people can relate to the person telling them about it. By bringing the “ordinary” person’s perspective to bear, this book goes beyond the transitional focus on the famous and powerful people and gives insight into what Britain may have been like for anyone. A good overview of key historical events, this book is one you can dip into over time rather than having to read in one go.

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I’ve been on a quite a history binge lately and books like this make me wish I had better history teachers. This was well written, easy to digest and doesn’t beat around the bush and cater to one side. Really enjoyed the experience of reading it!

by NetGalley review

This is such a brilliant way to learn about British history in a digestible way. I read it in snippets and found it really interesting!

by NetGalley review

I'm a huge history fan but often find books quite difficult to read. I loved the structure of this and learned lots too.

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I’ve always been interested in history but didn’t want to sparse through all the details. The concept and format of this book appealed to me for that reason. I liked that through the chunks of information I was able to piece together a larger narrative. It was easy to read a bit and then come back later. This book made history more approachable.

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In a book of just under 400 pages, the author of this title covers English and British history beginning with “The Fossil Record,” moving through Ancient and Pre-Roman Times and continuing on until finally reaching The Atomic and Nuclear Space Digital Age of War. Along the way, readers can spend time in their favorite era whether that is time with the Romans, The Georgians, The Stuarts, The Victorians or a different time entirely.

The range in this book is extensive. In browsing, I read about Victorian women and the evolution of their rights and then moved backward to read about ancient art. There is so much of interest in this book.

You do not have to be a scholar to read this book. It is geared to anyone who would like to know more about English and British history.

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This is an excellent reference book. While organized chronologically, I hopped around to different topics in which I was interested. It's not written like a dry encyclopedia. The author brings the subjects to life with clarity and humor. I'll be revisiting this one for years.

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Hodson reaches far back into early ecology, primitive humans, agricultural development and Roman times, then proceeds chronically from there in, yep, one-hundred wee small chapters (think 1-5 pages each on castles, monarchy, law, the church, wars, conquest, trade & commerce, civics, literature, art, sport, and academics). It's not at all dull, since every bite contains a subtle amount of wit and care to not make the whole book a nod-off.

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English and British History in 100 Bite-size Chunks isn't quite as basic as it initially seems. The author covers a span of history from "prehistoric" times using fossil records into modern day history. Bite-size is also not quite how I would describe the chapters although they are brief when considering the overall amount of information to choose from. Overall I found the book quite interesting and it gave a decent overview of British history without going into too much detail. It's easily a book that can be picked up periodically to continue the story.

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As a history freak, I was excited to read this book. Full of facts and information. Great for people studying the subject, quizzers, and general interest. Recommended.

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If you love history this book is for you. It really is a well researched and comprehensive guide to the history of our country. There is a lot of fascinating information in this right from creation which I was not expecting so everyone is going to learn things even if you think you know it all.

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Princess Fuzzypants here: If you are expecting a small tome with bit sized chunks of history, you will either be disappointed or delighted. This lengthy book is jam-packed with well researched and far more extensive coverage than the title seems to indicate. Usually a book with such a title would be good for dipping in and out at whim. This one makes you want to keep reading in chronological order. So what to some might be a deterrent, it is a bonus in fact. You just need to know what it is you are buying.

As for the content, it is well written and is somewhere between a quick blurb and a long thesis. It also provides a pretty fair interpretation of events. You cannot ask much more of any history. Some of the details were fascinating especially when it goes back to the very beginning before the tectonic plates made the island that exists today. I did enjoy it. Four purrs and two paws up.

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I'm a self-confessed History nerd and proud of it. Although my interest mainly lies in the Roman/Greek era through to the Renaissance, I found this a very interesting read.

Everything is in a manageable size. Even when it's not your "thing" the chapters are short enough that you don't feel it too much of a slog. Non-history buffs may find it a bit hard-going and dry but I enjoyed it. A couple more illustrations/maps, etc wouldn't go amiss though.

Plenty of information to give you the impression of learning something without feeling that you're about to launch into a thesis!

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I'm American but a big fan of British history, and I enjoyed this book. If you're looking for a huge discussion on Queen Victoria you're not going to get it here. But if you're looking for well-researched chunks of thousands of years of history then this is your book. I actually think this would be great as an assignment for school--it would be easy to assign & have discussions on a couple chapters at a time.

Overall a great overview of British history!

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