Troubador Dreams of Another Tomorrow

Released: 28/10/2021

ISBN: 9781803130606

Format: Paperback

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Dreams of Another Tomorrow

A Tale of Love and Lies in Lahore


When the young star of Harvard Faculty, Raza, visits the ‘land of living saints’, romance is the last thing on his mind. Until, he chances upon his long-lost love, now married to a ruthless business tycoon. In a society where anachronistic honour codes are still the norm, they are tempted to embark upon a seditious affair, despite the daunting perils.

Raza’s childhood friend Fareed, a swashbuckling aristocrat, introduces him to the flamboyant ways of the rich and powerful –a sharp contrast to the deeply conservative social milieu threatened by extremism. Exploring the dynamics of this decadent dispensation, Raza gets embroiled in the gripping games played by relentless men and rebellious women – fighting to forge their own identities – offering great temptations but treacherous consequences.

A mystery girl brings hope to his startling journey of self-discovery. Only, she could be a fatal attraction. Will Raza light up the old flame? Or allow himself to love again? This fascinating novel presents an insightful peek into the patriarchal orders of the East.

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