Troubador Death of the Cosset

Released: 28/10/2020

ISBN: 9781800460454

eISBN: 9781800467552

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Death of the Cosset


The year is 1988. A young Egyptologist, Cassandra Seldon, has been sent to Egypt to find proof to support a new time-line theory, called Dynasty Zero, pre-dating the First Dynasty. However, the reserved Archaeologist, Mark McCormick, is also on this excavation to prove her wrong. 

While there, Cassandra discovers a papyrus in the tomb of Queen Iput. As she deciphers the story unfolding, she finds her life running parallel to the queen’s. The story takes us back to 2350 B.C., Ancient Egypt, where we learn about Queen Iput’s first-born son and how he was murdered. Cassandra is desperate to learn how the queen’s story ends. And in a strange twist of fate, recounting the events, which lead back to the time-line theory, she senses the queen’s journey may give her the answers she is seeking. 

However, when her boss, Dr. Edmund Ramsey, discovers her deciphering the papyrus, she finds her job is in jeopardy. Is this unearthing a journey for Cassie, or is it her destiny?

Publication date is October 28, 2020!

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Kimberly Jane Oswald

Kimberly Jane Oswald was born in Michigan and grew up spending summers with family in Oklahoma.

Her writing has appeared in the Cincinnati Enquirer, Breast Cancer Wellness and Todays Christian Women.

She is a two-time cancer survivor and currently lives in Ohio, with her husband. She wants everyone to know she is healthy, happy and hoping her book sells. Death Of The Cosset is her first novel.

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