Troubador Dancing to Domino

Released: 28/09/2022

ISBN: 9781803133126

eISBN: 9781803133577

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Dancing to Domino


On the steps of an East End cinema in the 1950’s two friends made each other a promise. But as the boys grow up, they grow apart. Their lives take different paths. Jack follows a service career with the RAF, and after demobilisation works as a journalist for a local newspaper in Essex. He makes his home on a beautiful old boat moored on the river. Russ becomes a highly successful property developer in London. Decades later, after fifty years of estrangement, the tranquillity Jack has found beside his beloved river is shattered by a hand delivered letter from Russ.

Step by calculated step, through cajoling, threats and tugging at Jack’s sympathy, Russ lures Jack back into his life. In the process, we discover that Jack has deep secrets he does not want to be exposed. Russ seems to know everything, and his silence is something for which Jack must pay a high price.

Set-in two-time periods, immediately post WW2 and the 2000’s, and two locations, war damaged East London and the flatlands of the East Anglian coastline, Dancing to Domino examines the nature of friendship and whether a promise can expire over time. And how far anyone should be expected to go to honour it.

David’s first published book, Impeccable Sources was published in 2007 and is available to buy through Amazon.

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David Brewerton

Award winning journalist David Brewerton based his first novel, Impeccable Sources, on his experience as an investigative reporter in Fleet Street. His new book, Dancing to Domino, again draws on his own experience, this time of growing up in the post-war East End of London and his love of boats and sailing on the rivers and estuaries of the coast of East Anglia.

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