Troubador Blood List

Released: 28/11/2018

ISBN: 9781789015706

Format: Paperback

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Blood List


Think the Lake District is a lovely place to visit? Think again. 
A chilling psychological thriller set in and around the fictional town of Kirkdale in Cumbria. 
One by one the young women of Kirkdale are being found grotesquely murdered, with no clues as to why.

Lying between the great lake Kirkwater and the base of Kirkby Pike, although beautiful, Kirkdale isn’t exactly the most exciting place on the planet. But after young reporter Jenny Flood moves into the relaxed Cumbrian town, it sets a catalogue of events in motion that brings this comfortable community to its knees. 

When middle aged G.P. Charlotte Peterson discovers Jenny has followed her from Bradenthorpe, six years after a fling with her philandering doctor husband Miles, it stirs deeply buried mental health issues from her youth. In the run up to the Kirkdale country show, the arrival of this third and most recent adversary triggers the already edgy and emotionally scarred Charlotte into finally stepping over the edge. Her longing to destroy Jenny has been on a slow and very resentful burn for years, now the reality of achieving that presents itself as a genuine possibility.  

Can journalist Andrew Gale protect new colleague Jenny, girlfriend Gina and her best friend Molly from the psychotic GP’s insane agenda? How will sarcastic ex Met. Officer Harry Longbridge deal with Andrew’s continued interference? 

 Then there’s the unexpected arrival of an American mystery woman. And just who is on the Blood List?

Blood List Local Launches info will also be released here so check back often! :-)

12th FEBRUARY 2019 - DOWNHAM MARKET LIBRARY, Priory Rd. King's Lynn, Norfolk - Author talk and book signing 2.00 p.m.

19th JANUARY 2019 - W.H. SMITH, Norfolk St., KING'S LYNN, Norfolk - I will be signing copies of Blood List at this store from 11.00 a.m. and look forward to meeting all you 'Blood Listers' there! :-)

FABULOUS new website from the brilliant Jim Parks coming VERY soon!

5th DECEMBER 2018 - CHRISTMAS TABLE AT Carpenters Arms Pub - Lynn Road East Winch - King's Lynn - Norfolk - PE32 1NP
I will be back at my favourite pub restaurant signing copies of 'Blood List' from 7.00 p.m. - come and enjoy a fab meal (heavenly puddings!) then come and find me for a chat and get a FREE matching bookmark with your signed copy of 'Blood List.' Perfect stocking filler/thriller!! Looking forward to meeting you - see you there!! xx

THANK YOU SO MUCH for your lovely reviews both on here, personally and on Amazon, it's so much appreciated!


31ST OCTOBER 2018 - Carpenters Arms Pub - Lynn Road East Winch - King's Lynn - Norfolk - PE32 1NP
I will be signing copies of 'Blood List' from 7.00 p.m. - come and enjoy a fab meal (heavenly puddings!) then come and find me for a chat and get a FREE matching bookmark with your signed copy of 'Blood List.' Looking forward to meeting you - see you there!! xx

Blood List release date on course for 28th November '18

Blood List news also available on Twitter @alicrimewriter

Loved the cover, couldn't wait to read it. What was all that blood about, would I like it?
Well I couldn't put it down the housework suffered. Really enjoyed reading this and can't wait for more from this author.

by Milly

Well, firstly the cover made me pick it up. It really stood out from other books. Superbly written, with a descriptive but fast-moving plot (perfect for me with a short attention span)! Kept me hooked until the last page. Looking forward to the sequel soon please .....

by Jo Moss

Fantastic storyline and so well written too. I couldnt put it down as so engrossed in the twists and turns, found myself shouting at the detective!!!
Would never think this was a first book by the author.

by Mary Palmer

Forgot to mention that I loved the cover, really eye catching, that truly represented the story.

by Mary Palmer

Best book I have ever read, literally could not put it down. Loved impatient plain speaking DCI Longbridge, loathed schmoozer Dr Miles Peterson. HATED his wife Dr Charlotte Peterson. Loved Molly and Gina. Got exasperated with interfering sports reporter of the local Courier Andrew Gale. This book quite literally got right into my soul and I felt I was in Kirkdale. Ali Carter leaves each chapter ending on a cliff edge. Cannot wait to hear what happens next ................

by Roz Benfield

What a great book. Once I started I had to finish. Looking forward to number two...

by Pauline

What an absolutely gripping read, just left me wanting more. Totally believable characters and a fantastic blood curdling plot. Loved it and can’t wait for more from this author. What a brilliant debut from Ali Carter.

by Freda Garget

So... I have finished my book!!!!!!
Bloody brilliant.
It’s the first book in absolute years that I could not put down. I had to keep reading to find out more.
Loved every minute. I even made an excuse to leave early from dinner to get to read the book!!!!
I don’t normally read this type of book. Love historical fiction, especially all around the King Arthur period. No idea why but I do! But Ali, you have converted me .
Seriously I thoroughly enjoyed it.
When’s your next one coming out. Put me on the mailing list.
In fact ..... I’ll come down for the launch !!!!

by Jan

This is a brilliant read. Best book I have picked up for ages. So easy to follow the story which keeps you on the edge of your seat.
Good quality paper. Good all rounder.
Well done Ali

by Lesley Langley

Ali Carter

Surrey born, Ali Carter currently lives in Norfolk with her husband, a retired Met. Police Officer who was a great help in assuring legalities in Blood List are as accurate as possible.

She used to write poetry in the 80s and 90s attracting some publishing and competition successes, but Blood List is her first book and a sequel is already in progress.

Her writing day is usually accompanied by a few of her far too many dogs and cats that seem to find their way into her not exactly gigantic study, but the company is welcomed as writing can be a pretty isolating occupation at times.

Her passion is definitely murder (and cake!), but with an equal measure of natural health and a fun approach to life!

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