Troubador Adventures of an Old C

Released: 28/07/2022

ISBN: 9781789015980

Format: Hardback

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Adventures of an Old C

The Thrill of Life After Cancer


Natalia Popov-Williams, a Russian-British art historian in her mid-fifties, is trapped in a sexless marriage with Brian, a wealthy businessman who hardly notices her presence. Her frustration becomes unbearable after their son has left home. Being neglected as a woman by her husband, she feels unfulfilled and unappreciated. She throws herself into her work as a guide – the only side of her life where she can find some respect and self-esteem.

Then disaster strikes as Natalia is diagnosed with cancer. She falls deeply in love with her surgeon, Doctor Kovac, who saves her life and shows care and concern for her. In attempt to win the doctor’s affection, Natalia transforms her looks and discovers aspects of life she never dreamed of before her illness – she even learns to fly a jet. She believes that Kovac spends a night in her apartment. But is this just the twisted games of a mind fuelled by cancer.

Throwing herself into the world of online dating, Natalia embarks on an adulterous escapade to help to forget her feelings for Doctor Kovac. Eventually, she takes herself as far away from him as possible and sets off on an adventure to the North Pole. Here, she reconnects with her Russian spirit, breaking free of her painful past and finding the strength to face her uncertain future.

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