Troubador A Rose on the Dunghill

Released: 28/10/2021

ISBN: 9781800464926

Format: Paperback

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A Rose on the Dunghill

The Reflections of a Fool on the Hill


In this delightful book, John Ayress pays tribute to an amazing woman, Tony, and looks back on their forty wonderful years together.

His ‘reflections’ capture the beginning, the journey and the end of his romance with an older woman and their remarkable relationship. Yet, from their very first encounter, immortalised by the author’s opening line, ‘why can’t people love each other?’ it’s easy to see that this is more than just a love story.

As the tale unfolds, prepare to be drawn into a larger world. Towards Tony’s endearing personality, her views on the upbringing of children, on the Christian ethic and the use of one’s talents. And towards the author’s fool on the hill outlook; his struggle with the meaning of life - of alienation in modern society, and the nature of man. The evolutionary ideas of Freud, Darwin, Marx and Nietzsche are questioned, while Tolstoy, D.H. Lawrence and Proust are all called in to help.

With a unique blend of love, wisdom and search for meaning, John Ayress creates a joyful and impelling read. Some questions are answered, but with more questions raised and no overriding solutions, as in life, A Rose on the Dunghill is a fascinating exploration of both history and philosophy.

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