Why Should You Attend a Self-Publishing Experience Day?

8th February, 2023

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Why Should You Attend a Self-Publishing Experience Day?

Why Should You Attend a Self-Publishing Experience Day?

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Jane Rowland

Part of our mission, alongside helping authors publish and sell beautiful books, is to make information about self-publishing widely available to indie authors enabling them to make the best publishing choices. We do this via our blog, through speaking at events, by running the UK’s premier Self-Publishing Conference and by hosting free and low cost for events for authors – both online and in person. Our event programme covers topics, from ‘How to Design a Book Cover’ to ‘Selling your Book in Bookshops’, but the most popular event we run for writers looking to publish is called The Self-Publishing Experience Day. This is a day packed full of learning about what it takes to self-publish a book, in whatever genre. This event is available in two formats – in person at our offices near Leicester, or as a live online course.

What is a Self-Publishing Experience Day?

Our Self-Publishing Experience Day has been carefully designed to give an overview of all the stages involved in self-publishing a book – from initial editing, cover design, text design, marketing, sales and distribution, through to digital options, such as ebooks and audiobooks. There are presentations on different topics surrounding self-publishing, marketing, and distribution of a book, each led by an expert working in that field. These sessions are structured to take authors through the publishing process from start to finish in a relaxed and informal way, with plenty of time left for questions at the end.

As the event is either live online, or in person, you also get to meet and engage with other delegates, all of them fellow writers / self-publishers to share experiences and knowledge.

Why Should You Attend a Self-Publishing Experience Day?

Our Self-publishing Experience Days are perfect if you are curious about self-publishing and want to learn more before you decide what route to publication is best. Once the book is written, a writer must become an expert designer, publisher, PR spokesperson and salesperson – which can often feel incredibly daunting. To help, the Day breaks the stages of publishing down so that you can understand the publishing skills that need to be learned or those areas in which you already feel confident. You should leave the day with a roadmap for the next stages in your self-publishing project, buzzing with ideas and opportunities to make your dream a reality. As well as getting to meet and network with other authors at the Day – many of whom may be at the same stage in their publishing/writing journey as you – you get to talk directly to the speakers, all publishing experts, to ask any questions you like, or to pose questions about your publishing project.

While Experience Day primarily focuses on how Troubador’s wide range of self-publishing services can help authors achieve their publishing goals, all of the processes discussed are just as applicable to any self-publishing journey, regardless of whether an author chooses to go it alone or use another services supplier. The day is run in a fun and relaxed way, with plenty of time for interaction over coffee and lunch (on the in-person event). We’ve been running our Self-Publishing Experience Days since 2017, and the event gets fantastic feedback, with attendees always commenting on the breadth and depth of knowledge demonstrated by Troubador’s staff.

Author MG Vaciago, who went on to publish Big Little Voice across both hardback and paperback formats, said, ‘I found the Self-Publishing Experience Day invaluable; it gave me a clearer idea of all the stages involved in taking my book from an idea to a published book.’ And Jude Hayland, who has published multiple titles, such as Counting the Ways, The Legacy of Mr Jarvis and Miller Street SW22, believes that the Day, ‘provides a comprehensive and honest appraisal of the stages – worthwhile for anyone thinking of going this route to publishing.’ The Self-Publishing Experience Day aims to demystify the self-publishing process, explain what your options are, and take a realistic look at what you can expect from self-publishing. At the end of the day, you will have a far better understanding of what a commitment to self-publishing can be and an appreciation of the freedom and excitement that self-publishing brings with it.

When is the next Self-Publishing Experience Day?

We run three Days each year, two as online events suitable for anyone, wherever they may live. And one in-person event, for those authors who prefer to meet and network in person at our Leicestershire (UK) offices. The online day, held on Zoom, mirrors the in-person day, giving the same breadth of presentation and exposure to the subject and with time set aside for Q&A as well. Discover when the next events are running and book

How much does it cost to attend?

The in-person event costs £30.00, which includes pastries, coffee and a buffet lunch. The online version is costed at £25.00, and we make all the presentations available to attendees afterwards.

What is the typical schedule of an experience day?

The day typically follows the following format – the in-person day has an opportunity for networking with delegates, speakers and Trouabdor staff over coffee as well. 

  • 10.00am: Welcome and introduction
  • 10.10-10.45am: Cover design and typesetting
  • 11.00-11.30am: Editing your manuscript
  • 11.45-12.30pm: Ebook publishing


  • 1.15-1.30pm: A tour of our distribution facilities
  • 1.30-2.15pm: Audiobooks and author websites
  • 2.30-3.00pm: Marketing and distribution of your
  • 3.00-3.45pm: social media and book trailers
  • 3.45-4.00pm: Round-up

Those attending the in-person event at our offices can also take a tour od our distribution facilities and learn more about how we distribute and sell books to the book trade. 


The Self-Publishing Experience Day is a day of sessions held either online or in person and hosted by staff from Troubador. It’s aimed at all authors considering their self-publishing options, and gives a comprehensive overview of the publishing process, from manuscript to market. Whether you choose to work with Troubador or not, if you’re considering self-publishing your work, then come along and find out what’s involved!