Your Book Sales

The menu opposite provides links to your Current Period Sales and Historical Sales.

Current Period Sales is ongoing sales made since your last Royalty Statement was prepared and sent to you.

Historical Sales is copies of Royalty Statements sent to you previously. Historical royalty statements are named by a unique ID, your book’s ISBN, year covered by the statement, and the quarter in which the statement was issued, eg. 1234-9781788067641-2017-3 refers to a royalty statement issued in the third quarter of 2017. Note that no Royalty Statement is issued if less than £20 is owing to an author, so statements do not necessarily get issued every quarter. Refer to the dates on the statements themselves for the period covered.

Further information on Royalties can be found in the Royalty Notes by clicking here. Enquiries regarding royalties should be made by email to [email protected]