The author Victoria Taylor lives in Wales with her family. In 2003 her husband was diagnosed with a rare incurable brain condition called IH; which causes brain tumour type symptoms. Victoria began writing as a way of helping her young daughter come to terms with her father's life changing illness. Her first book Caitlin's Wish was published in 2010* in the hope that it might help other children; the same way that it helped her daughter. It soon became apparent that people of all ages were reading the book; indeed whole families were using it to open the discussions into their own personal situations. Victoria had written the first edition in a simplistic form to aim it at a younger audience. When she realised that her readers ranged from aged 5 to 95 yrs old, she decided to create a new edition which is based on the original story and is suitable for all ages. She now writes under the pen name of Victoria Lewin, and is working on a young carers awareness, disability awareness and anti bullying series of books for schools. For the latest information please go to *The 2010 copy is now out of print but available second hand on Amazon.

Author news

CAITLIN'S WISH - SECOND EDITION My name is Jessica, and I am 8yrs old. I live with my mum here in Tasmania. My mum is disabled. She has loads of medical conditions, including Multi-focal Dystonia and a rare brain disorder called Intracranial Hypertension. She has good days, and bad days with health. I am my mum's carer, and I have been helping her for YEARS! Caitlin's Wish is a wonderful book that has really helped me over time, and I like to read it often, especially when mum goes into hospital. It's about how a family; a Mum, Dad and two children, have to change their lives completely when the Dad becomes extremely ill. It seems that the youngest, Caitlin, seems to struggle the most. Caitlin finds out that it helps a little more than she could ever have realized talking to a little Robin called Rufus. Caitlin and her brother Chris also learn what's most important after all the changes. I was only 2 and a bit, almost 3 when my Mum was diagnosed with IH. My world changed from lots of loud fun stuff, to sitting on quiet hospital beds. I guess I have liked Caitlin's Wish so much because when my Mum started reading it to me a couple of years ago, it almost sounded a bit like my life. In saying that, Caitlin's Wish is an awesome story which can take me away to a special place and remind me to focus on the positive things in life, no matter what I'm faced with. I've lost count of how many times we've read it together, or how many times I've now read it on my own! It was often under my pillow if Mum was sick! I'd pack it with me everyday for school if Mum was in hospital for a long time. Caitlin's Wish raises awareness of what it's like to be a Young Carer, in a really beautiful storybook. That's why I have shared it in my talks to raise awareness about being a young carer. Amazing book, it helped my 14 year old ADHD son understand why I am unable to do all the things normal mums do, now he actually helps me on bad days. This is an extremely well put together resource for children who have someone in their life that suffers from conditions in which they don't understand. Children, in this day and age, have tons of stuff they need to deal with to get through life, and to have to care for a loved one and not understand the full concept of it, is hard for any child. This book will help them understand that not only are they not alone, but they are strong enough to handle life as it comes to them and adjust to life accordingly. Caitlin's Wish has changed our lives forever. Due to your tireless, unceasing efforts in raising awareness for Young Carers, we now have our daughter Bella back to her happier than ever person she has always been. When I was diagnosed with IH in 2008, she remained cheerful and positive; however, there was always a little less sparkle in her eye. She now knows she is not alone and there are many other children that she has so much in common with. Thank you Victoria, from our family to you for putting the sparkle back in our daughter's eyes! Much love and thanks forever! Caitlin's Wish is an imaginative, thought provoking book which is beautifully illustrated. Reading it will encourage greater empathy, respect and tolerance from all ages who are not personally affected by illness or disability themselves. Mr K. Napieralla. O.B.E. Director of Education, Leisure and Lifelong Learning Neath Port Talbot, Wales, UK. Caitlin's Wish helps families and educators navigate the uncertainty of chronic illness and guide children in a creative and loving way. Dr.E.Tanne, M.D. Co-Founder and President of the IH Research Foundation. U.S.A. "Caitlin's Wish is a beautifully illustrated, inspirational book written by a lady devoted to her family and determined to help others. Having known the family personally for many years, long before Rob was diagnosed with IH, I've seen how they've come to terms with this life changing illness, now turning it into something so positive to help others. I am happy to endorse 'Caitlin's Wish' as a book that will support many families facing the uncertainty that disability and illness brings. All too often the children are overlooked and the focus is on the disabled/ sick family member. Caitlin's Wish helps those children to look for the positives in their lives and understand that they're not alone." Bonnie Tyler "Honest, heartfelt and above all honest, Caitlin's Wish is a great read and an invaluable resource for any child adjusting to life with a sick relative. An inspiring, important story." Cathy Cassidy, Author. As I read Caitlin's Wish I was very moved by the concepts the book touches on. Illness has an impact on everyone in the family. Seeing my children impacted by my illness was incredibly challenging. The book does a fantastic job of taking those experiences and examining them in a way that is easy to look at, and it will definitely promote discussion between parents and children. Caitlin's Wish offers youth imagery that is pleasant and age appropriate while providing a rare insight into the developmental psyche of young carers. The concepts will universally resonate in families experiencing illness. Kim Latour, Canada Caitlin's wish is a beautiful book with a very powerful message for both children and adults. Young carers are often carrying huge burdens, but go unrecognised and unsupported. Caitlin's wish is a great resource that will initiate discussion, sharing and understanding. Lynne Hill, Policy Director, Children in Wales. ( ) Caitlin's Wish tells a very serious story in simple, descriptive language. It is a modern resource book with the magic of Enid Blyton. Reading it took me back to the books I used to read as a child. I wish my brother and other siblings of disabled children had had such a book available to them years ago. The Same Difference website proudly supported Caitlin's Wish from the very start. Victoria Taylor is a very special wife and mother and a truly talented writer of children's fiction. Sarah Ismail Disabled blogger and writer Same Difference Goldie Hawn recently said in an interview that 'life is a wave and you have to take the rough with the smooth, you cannot take the world with you and you certainly should not take your children' Caitlin's wish is testament to a mum who has made sure she has done all of this and more and the world is a better place thanks to people like Victoria and her family. Caitlin's wish teaches us all the importance of empathy and understanding; something we are never too old or young to learn! Lucy Batham-Read Founder & Managing Director Love ur Soul. Caitlin's Wish is a moving story which really engages the reader and is appealing on many different levels. Children of all ages who hear or read this story will remember it and the messages it conveys for a very long time. Neath Port Talbot Young Carers Forum, Wales, UK. An inspiration to young carers all over the world. Adele, Young Carer, Wales, UK. Caitlin's Wish has given me the perspective I needed to keep positive. Brittany, California, USA. Victoria Taylor puts an enchanting twist on how to stay positive in times of hardship. People of all ages can learn a valuable lesson from reading Caitlin's wish. Kayla, Young Carer, Indiana, U.S.A I bought this book for my daughter, Evelyn. I have Intracranial Hypertension and my son has autism. It makes life very difficult at times for Evelyn. She has to deal with more than most little girls her age. I cannot read this book without crying. It is such an encouragement and inspiration for my little girl. It is so helpful for her to know that she is not alone in her struggles. I have been motivated by Victoria's efforts for Young Carers. I am seeking to set up a group at my daughter's elementary school. Her school has an autistic inclusion program and I want to help make resources available for the siblings of autistic children as well as any other children who are young carers at home. I have purchased a copy of Caitlin's Wish for the school library and if I had the means, I would put this book in the hands of every young carer. God Bless You! Rebecca , USA As a Mom with IH, I greatly appreciate what Caitlin's Wish gives to our children. It gives them a way to escape the stress that comes along with having an ill parent. It also helps them not feel alone in the way they feel seeing their parent unable to do the things that other parents can do. Thank you to Victoria for giving this wonderful gift to our children and for raising more awareness of Intracranial Hypertension. Brooke, Texas, USA Thank you for your amazing story Caitlin's wish. I read it to my 3 young sons aged 3,5 & 9 this evening before bed. I found your story after searching for most of the afternoon on the Internet for stories relating to children having a parent who is suffering with a life changing illness. There aren't many unfortunately! But I did find your story & had to buy it! Myself & 2 eldest sons ended up in tears as the story is so true to our own situation. (My husband currently has a undiagnosed neurological illness that affects his nerves & muscles so can not walk unaided aswell as other problems) After reading Caitlin's Wish to them I really feel that they will open up & speak to me more about how they are feeling now, and learn to look at the changes that have happened in their lives in a more positive way. Your story has truly been a healing tree to me & my boys. Thank you! Charmaine. Thank you so much for sending the two signed copies of Caitlins Wish to our Young Carers. The books have proved to be such a valuable tool in helping some of them come to terms with the illness or condition of their family member, and also come to terms with how this has affected them in their own lives. Unfortunately as we both know, it is sometimes very difficult engaging with schools and authorities to bring Young Carers to their attention and focus, ensuring they are given the support they need to aspire and achieve. Your book is doing a brilliant job of helping to raise this much needed awareness and we at FACES of Kent wish you every success with Caitlins Wish. Kindest regards, Best wishes, Sandie. Sandie Hornby MInstF, Chief Executive Officer, Safeguarding Officer for Children & Vulnerable Adults, FACES of Kent I am a wife, mum of 2, a book worm and I have IH. When I first heard about Caitlin's Wish I thought I would give it a read, not expecting much really, how wrong could I be? I bought it for my daughter Lucy, not because she needed support but because I thought I would be a nice book. It arrived when she was at school so I read it first, then Lucy. It opened up a big can of emotional worms (me not Lucy). We sat and talked about how Lucy felt seeing me ill and how I felt when she was being my little helper. Basically it helped us understand each other better when mum was ill again. My children are not my carers, never have been and never will be, thanks to Caitlin's Wish. If Victoria reaches just one young carer and gets help for them, then Caitlin's Wish had come true. Thank you Victoria. Andrea,UK. ~ Excellent a real heart warming book that I am sure will help many children now and in years to come. Well done! ~ Fantastic, beautifully written, lovely pictures. Helped my daughter a lot to understand my illness and helped me more to understand my daughter. ~ Brilliant book for young children which works as a charming general children’s book, but has a hidden agenda to help them see positives in what can be a very negative time of their lives; would work for any young child going through a bad patch for whatever reason, not just young carers. ~AMAZING!!! Thank you for writing this book. My daughter is now 11 but I’ve been disabled since she was 3 and like your daughter she was too young for help etc. We were lucky, she had an amazing teacher who helped her when she started school. But still now she has days when she struggles. I try to keep her life as normal as I can but its hard. This book will help so many children in the same situation. It helps them in a gentle, kind, way and not in your face, big words, way that so many kids get these days. Well done and thank you. ~ A great way of raising awareness of issues which so many children (and adults) face and tackling them in a practical and enchanting way. ~ Caitlin’s wish is an enchanting book which has some great illustrations and its an excellant book for all ages ~ This is truly a book that all children with either a sick parent or sibling should have. It’s written in whimsical form, that young children can understand. I’d like to see a copy of this book in children’s hospitals, in there common room. ~ very good book for children that has a parent or relative who is in ill health ~ Wonderful book for any disease, especially IH! ~ I absolutely loved this book! My 7 year old daughter also loved this book. This book is a great book for children who have parents who are chronically ill. It is a must read! ~Lovely, inspirational book! ~ This book speaks to those of any age, it reaches anyone effected by any illness in the family. It is a must for all households to share and help understand how to make the best of and get the most out of life under any circumstances! Beautiful and well written, it also hits home with me!! Amazing, book in every aspect. ~ A beautiful book that is inspirational for adults as well as children! ~ This is an amazing book that really touches children and helps them understand in a way that an adult may not be able to explain…WAY to GO VICTORIA! ~ Best book ever written for caregivers of a disabled parent. Kudo’s Victoria. ~ Brilliant book written by a very good friend that tries so hard 2 make a difference x ~ Totally inspiring, and such an important issue. ~ Beautifully written and illustrated book covering a really important issue faced by young people today. ~ ideal for carers of any age, but especially for young carers who often feel they are on their own ~Blessings everyone needs some help sometime…and caregivers do too. ~This book hits home for me and a number of people in my family. Its great to have a book that will help the children understand. ~A very good book which will help a lot of children to understand the situation they and/or a loved one are going through. Excellent! ~A story from the heart. A lesson in acceptance and understanding for all children not just those with a disabled parent. ~ Caitlyn’s wish is a breakthrough book in the IH community. I am grateful to have it for my kids, who can relate to Caitlyn. Victoria did an awesome job in capturing what it is like to be a young one with a parent who is not well. ~Good book to help other children in the same situation ~Real ‘feel good’ factor on reading. ~Very good book very helpfull to young carers ~A very touching insight. ~I wish this book had been written when I was a child dealing with my father’s cancer and now with having IH it’s wonderful to know that she is teaching young children about caregiving. ~ I have a friend with IH and my daughters couldn’t understand why a doctor took her away when she was poorly, she leant me this book that she read to her own daughters and it helped my girls understand why she was poorly. ~ An amazing book, very entertaining and very helpful to any child whose parent is suddenly ill. My children found it useful. ~ This is a great book for kids facing health issues with their parents. I have given several copies to my best friend’s kids whose dad was diagnosed with cancer this past January. He is fine now but they have had a tough time dealing with everything. Their mom found, just like Victoria did, there aren’t any books for kids dealing with this subject. ~ Fantastic illustration, well done Claire ~ It is a wonderful book who both my children found easy to understand and I believe gave them a better understanding of my own illness. ~ Wonderful book for any family dealing with illness or disability, whether you have children or not. Beautiful illustrations throughout the book. ~ amazing book, it helped my 14year old ADHD son understand why I am unable to do all the things normal mums do, now he actually helps me on bad days ~ I found this book outstanding, cover was brilliant, story excellent. An inspiring read. ~ I think this book is outstanding. It gives such a great perspective on things for young caregivers. I know it has helped many. ~ A great book for anyone who needs a way to help their child understand illness and disability. ~ A total inspiration and utter genius! ~ This book is a great idea that I am sure will help many young children. ~ This is an inspirational story that my wife was priviliged to be asked to illustrate. Now that this book has been published, there is no doubt that it will go on to help other children in similar situations that have a family member that is ill. Wonderful book – wonderful story – wonderful illustrations – Caitlin’s Wish! ~ This book is a help for young carers when dealing with their parents illness. It is beautifully written and illustrated. ~ Excellent book to help children experiencing difficulties through a parent being ill. ~ This is an extremely well put together resource for children who have someone in their life that suffers from conditions in which they don’t understand. Children, in this day and age, have tons of stuff they need to deal with to get through life, and to have to care for a loved one and not understand the full concept of it, is hard for any child. This book will help them understand that not are they not alone, but they are strong enough to handle life as it comes to them and adjust to life accordingly. ~ An inspirational book written by a woman dedicated to making a difference for children. ~ this book is absolutely amazing, all my family have read it and now understand my condition more and it has helped my children deal with it in a big way ~ Fantastic book for children to read & be able to understand becoming a young carer. It also spreads awareness about such a rare awful brain condition. ~ Awesome book for the children that have parents in this situation! Best of luck! We all know that the book is beyond its worth of words. Great Job Vic! ~ An important book for any child who knows someone suffering from a chronic illness. A fanciful tale with a lot of truth. Beautiful story, beautiful illustrations, and a beautiful message! ~ Buy this book for any child living with parents/siblings with a chronic illness. Very well written and beautiful illustrations! ~ What an important thing, to help children understand what is happening when someone they love is ill. ~ A wonderful story and an unique perspective on illness. Children are all too often forgotten when a parent is dealing with a serious illness. ~ I have the same neurological disorder that the author’s husband (Caitlin’s father) has – Intracranial Hypertension. The book hits so close to home and it’s been a blessing to have to give to family/friends to read. Absolutely love it — hope I am able to meet Victoria (& Family) in person one day. ♥ xxx ~ I will be buying some of these books for kids I work with who have disabled family members. ~ excellent book, my daughter loves it ~ AN EXCELLENT STORY, A VERY GOOD READ WANTED IT TO GO ON ~ An exceptionally well written book based on a true story, and inspirational to everyone. ~This book is going to change lives!!! ~ Fabulous concept and a source of inspiration! ~ Best children’s realistic book and cleverly written!! ~ There should be more books like this to help more young carers out there! “This touching book brought tears to my eyes. As a mother of an IH kid, I recognized so many things that the rest of our family feels. Any family that has a member with a chronic health problem will want to get this book. It will truly change your perspective on life and help to deal with the changes that come with illness. Well done Vicki! You’ve left a positive imprint on the world with this book. Thank you.” K.Richardson. “This book was written by a wonderful, supportive, and humble person, Victoria Taylor. Inspired by her own true story of her husband’s diagnosis of IH/PTC. Victoria has written this AMAZING book to help children cope with the difficulties of having a parent with a serious illness. I cannot thank you enough Victoria for making a difference in our lives and more importantly, helping our children.” Robin. “I’ve read the book and loved it. I always found it a struggle to explain to my kids about how my head exactly feels on a bad day. Now I’ve done it by using the book and they understand it better now! Well done Victoria and Thank you xXx” Natalie. “I don’t think I have the words to explain how I felt as I read this wonderful book. My youngest is now 17, but I have been ill since she was 6 years old. We both read from cover to cover as fast as we could. Kelly says she wished she had such a book years ago, but is so happy to see it now for other kids. One of the things that doesn’t seem to change is how little awareness there is for IH. I think your book will go along way to help spread awareness. And I’m sure many children will love it as much as Kelly and I do. Thanks just isn’t enough! I’m sending you and your entire family a huge virtual hug. It really is a work of love.” Angie. “The doorbell rang and it was the delivery of Caitlin’s Wish…OMG its so amazing to hold them. You are such an amazing person and it is a gift to know you in addition to all that you fight for every single day right along side of us. This book has been a true labour of love, it helped Adele Caitlin and will help so many families and in addition the percentage that is being donated to two causes is a blessing for certain. You are touching countless lives in truly remarkable and countless ways. What a gift to all of us. ” Susan. “The book is truly inspiring to an adult never mind a child. Vicki has encompassed all that is in a child’s imagination and must have been difficult to create. Please support Victoria and her gorgeous book. She deserves it. To a lovely and humble person ….lots of love and luck” Gail Vallance. “It’s a beautifully written inspirational story. Well Done Victoria and thank you for all the support and advice you give to so many people.” Jo. “It is a truly moving story, which clearly depicts the reality of being a young carer. The story is both magical, and poignant, and it will be a wonderful resource, and I hope and pray it will benefit many young people and the associated charities.” Sonia. “A number of years ago, when my husband was in his late twenties he was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. We had never heard of it up until then. He was in such pain and did not have a good temper because of it. At the time our three daughters were all under nine in age and did not understand why their daddy had no patience for them. Had they had a copy of “Caitlin”s Wish” at the time I’m sure it would have helped them understand how their father was feeling and that he still loved them all. I really think copies of “Caitlin’s Wish” should be readily available in doctor’s offices, hospital’s and possibly through District Nurses.” Edith. “This is such an awesome book. It is great for kids and is very touching. It couldn’t have been written and illustrated any better. This book is a must for anyone who suffers from IH especially if you have children. Thanks Victoria!” Will. “As the daughter of two parents who suffered from ill health throughout my childhood I understand what a frightening and isolating experience this can be. As a teacher I often see children struggling to cope when illness strikes a family member, and all too often they are afraid of adding to the stress and the pressure by talking about their concerns with their parents. “Caitlin’s Wish” will help to break down the barriers to communication and show children that there is help and support out there, and that there is nothing wrong with reaching out for this.” Katie. “I just had to tell you that I just received the copy I bought for my own daughter (of 13). I opened it and read it instantly to myself. As an IH sufferer myself it brought me to tears. You did an amazing job! I hope many people children and adults alike get an opportunity to read this amazing book! After reading this myself I no longer felt alone! I originally bought the book for my daughter after she did a report for school on disease for which she chose IH, on my behalf. I think what you have done is wonderful – keep it up! My best to you, your husband and children. Life with IH isn’t easy by far, but people like you help to make it a little easier! (I wish something like your book had been around when I was diagnosed 8 years ago).” Jennifer.