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Awithera! That means Welcome in English. Awithera is Elvish-Gaelic and is a language that I introduced for my very first book which is for older children and Young Adults, entitled- The Pentacle of Northumbria - and is the first of a trilogy. The second, entitled- The Sisterhood of The Dead - is completed but needs editing and proofreading. I will come back to these later.

I have been interested in all things magical and fantasy since the age of five, when my aunt took me to see 'Sleeping Beauty' in Swansea. One of the characters was played by my aunt's 'maid' as she liked to refer to such. She was very old school was my aunt. This maid, incidentally, named Marianne, played the part of the 'old witch' and it was that which triggered my fascination with the world of magic.

It was only many decades later that I decided to write my first book, 'The Pentacle of Northumbria'. briefly, he says, the storyline is about two teenagers, boy (Wally) and girl (Bessie) both 13, and living in Eastbourne, get entangled in a parallel world of Celtic sorcery, where is growing tension between various covens and clans which is likely to lead to all-out war between the forces of light and dark magic and our two teens will need to choose sides. For more information please go to my website This website will be up and running shortly. I will let all know when it is up and running.

Now we come to my book published by Troubador- 'Oily Gasbag Goes A Dancing' - for which I have already written a brief synopsis. Again, this is a series, which is illustrated and is aimed at younger readers aged 7-10. I have already written the next three stories and turned the first three into plays as well. They are in chronological order: Oily Gasbag In Austria, Oily Gasbag Hits Paris and Oily Gasbag Rocks Rome. In all three stories, Oily, now in Europe’s capital cities to try and win Dancing World Cups, but does he? He has a change of partner in Austria, but does she stay with him in Paris and Rome? Not only have I introduced European languages; namely - German, French and Italian (with English translations next to the foreign texts) but I take my readers on trips across Vienna, Paris and Rome. I have visited all three capitals and know them well. Moore to come.

I will be signing copies of my books, on Sunday December from 11am onwards. If you around the area, please join me at: La Sicilia Cafe, Enterprise Shopping Centre, Station Parade, Eastbourne BN21 1BD.



Author news

Good afternoon, on Monday 12th February. I will be updating my Author Hub, at least once a month, if not more. You will see direct links to my own new website produced by Sam Thompson of Troubador, and many thanks to you, Sam, for all you have done and your advice and support. There are also direct links to my profiles on X and FB. Follow me and I'll follow you.
I would like to make contact with fellow Troubador authors, especially of fiction, be it Adult, YA or Children. I currently write fantasy for both Children and YA's but have developed an interest in crime and horror. In some of my YA stories, which are dark fantasy, parts do dip, however lightly, into the second genre. As for crime, I did make some notes, when in Florence in 2022, regarding a romantic thriller based in Italy, but that is as far as I have got, for now.

That's all for now, folks. See you soon. Victor.


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