Rob Hindley

Rob Hindley is a medically retired police officer with sixteen years' service in both London and Manchester. He has worked in several roles, including the drugs and firearms team, licensing, and child protection. He has also worked on response as a constable and sergeant receiving commendations for bravery, leadership and outstanding service.

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"Rob writes with sincerity and from deep personal experience. This book is long overdue. A valuable addition to the library of true-life police books. Fantastic."

Jonathan Nicolas, author of 'Who'd be a copper?'

"Well researched and thought provoking"

John Donoghue, author of 'Police, Lies and Alibis: The true story of a frontline officer'

"The Copper's Lot' is a revealing and honest insight into the darker side of policing and the damaging effect it can have on those who serve. It shows you the person behind the uniform and highlights the severely challenging job police officers have. A fantastic read and a real eye opener!"

Green Ribbon Policing

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