Granny Jean was born in the small Yorkshire village of Darton and is now based in Barnsley. She was educated at Wakefield Girls' High School and has dedicated her life to the education of young children. Her debut, Jack's Midnight Adventure, is based on her extensive knowledge of their interests and imaginations.

Author news

Have you ever wondered what adventures fill a young child's imagination whilst they are sleeping? Join little Jack on his exhilarating trip around the world. From a truck, to a bus, to a train, to a plane and eventually to a space rocket, Jack has the most thrilling and fascinating journeys where he makes lots of friends along the way. How does a little boy go from being tucked up safely in bed to travelling across countries and continents, to making deliveries, to making friends on holiday, to seeing the Queen AND Santa Claus, to eating food with chopsticks and - eventually - to flying to the moon? With illustrations by Ian R. Ward, this is an uplifting story telling experience for young children that will fill their imaginations with wonder and curiosity. Granny Jean writes a rich narrative bursting with detail that children will want to hear again and again.....