Keith Steiner

Informed comment advises any aspirant author to write about that of which you know. To that sage advice, I would add that writing about that which inspires will set you on a course which may direct you in all manner of directions, including all corners of the globe.

The best way to learn more about a subject is to write about the same. After retiring from a career in education I decided to test out this suggestion. Four books later (all published with Troubador Publishing) I can confirm's true!

My subject is historic photography and the photography of the American Civil War, and being published has led in varying directions including an appearance on television as consultant and contributor to a programme on historic photography; and also to receiving invitations to public speaking engagements. 

Authors will offer their own perspective on the reception and reviewing of their publications. For myself, the most satisfying aspect of the author journey is the knowledge that people have made an investment in my work and that, perhaps, that same work has offered an enrichment to some aspect of their life. Knowing that one of my works is currently on the shelves of Princeton College Library in the United States is reward and encouragement enough for me to, once more, pick up my pen.  (My new manuscript is currently in preparation)


Keith Steiner

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