Julian Horrocks

Julian Horrocks is a debut author with a lifelong passion for history, especially twentieth-century history. Aged 66, he is a lawyer by profession, married, with two grown-up daughters and lives in North Yorkshire.

Julian wrote Alanbrooke - The Reluctant Warrior for two reasons. First, he felt his subject was a good example of the 'unsung hero' and, second, he believed there was a depth and complexity to Alanbrooke the man, which has never been explored: the book offers a character portrait which presents him in a markedly different - and more sympathetic - light to the way he has been portrayed to date. Whilst Alanbrooke is undoubtedly a minor figure in twentieth-century history when compared to the likes of Churchill, Roosevelt, Hitler and Stalin, that does not make him any less interesting. In truth, quite the reverse: he is a fascinating figure who makes a great subject for a book.

You can read the Introduction to Alanbrooke - The Reluctant Warrior, and find more information about the book, by visiting https://alanbrooke-thereluctantwarrior.co.uk/

Author news

Julian delivered a talk - The Legacy of Field Marshal Lord Alanbrooke - at the National Army Museum (NAM) in London on 13 October 2023. His talk shone a light on this forgotten figure of British history and examined Alanbrooke's strategy, leadership and personality, as well as his relationships with politicians and military leaders. 73 attended the event in person and a further 160 watched and listened to his talk online on Crowdcast. The NAM sold out their stock of Alanbrooke - The Reluctant Warrior.

October 2023: first reprint of Alanbrooke - The Reluctant Warrior, after the initial print run sold out.

Julian delivered a talk to 25 members of the York U3A Military History Group about Alanbrooke and his reasons for writing Alanbrooke - The Reluctant Warrior on 9 November 2023.

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