Jamie C McNeish

I was brought up in Millport (Isle of Cumbrae) where my parents owned a tea-shop and then a small hotel. Moved up North to Newtonmore (in Highlands) at 6 years old. As a hotel-child (started work very early) I dabbled with acting for a few years. Was in Trainspotting the play and a couple of films - including My Name is Joe. I went back to hospitality and opened up a restaurant in Edinburgh with my brother called International Starters. Then a second business, a hotel in Aviemore which kept the brand together. While running these businesses I began to write screenplays. We sold all businesses years ago and have been working towards writing my novels. The first book I wrote was a fantasy book which didn’t feel quite right and then decided to write about what I knew which was hospitality. Therefore after my Mum passed away decided to write about my family (who always had some great, funny stories and scenarios) about running their catering businesses. Although the book is mostly fiction the characters are real as are some of the stories.