Giovanna Baccelliere

Giovanna is of a mixed Middle English and Southern Italian Heritage (you can't get much different)! She grew up in the Northwest of England but spent glorious summers growing up in the South of Italy. She's a mummy to a little girl and a big dog, when she's not working full time as a teacher, mummy, dog walker, chef, cleaner you can find her day dreaming, reading, swimming and trying her hand at trail races or simply sourcing nice red wine and singing! Writing is a love she's had since childhood, and is delighted and grateful to be able to combine it with her other love, art - painting, drawing. She loves to spend her time in nature.

Author news

I sold out online in a week! How exciting... I'm currently illustrating my second book and am so, so grateful and happy to be doing this! Book news is on the way.

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