Job-wise, most of what I choose readily to recall, whether with pleasure or with pain, is already in the 2 Slices, although there's a bit more of domestics in the novel 'Dog Strap Five' (Vol.1 soon I hope to be published, and Vol.2 about to be written). Otherwise, I have enthusiastically re-embraced general, idle, swanning around - barring my dog,no-one swans more successfully, more generally or more idly than me - and my only vague current concern, arguably not before time, is my health, which I think is best described like this. Heart (attack, then triple by-pass), stroke (but only mini), diabetes (but only borderline), and now liver (though fuck knows what exactly, because they're still working on it) don't particularly worry me, because they're only practices for Death. What does, just a tad (worry me, I mean) is that any day now, all that practice will suddenly prove bloody perfect, but that's life.