With a love of fantasy-adventure stories and an overwhelming urge to turn all awkward situations into a comedy sketch, my first novel had to combine the two. I spent the best part of two years working on it, whenever I wasn't building software solutions in the city for my day-job. Like most, one of the things I have always loved about a good book is being able to get completely lost in the world that is described to you across the pages. I had the same feeling as I wrote my novel and found myself wondering what would happen next. The difference this time was that it was up to me what happened next. I could decide which situation to put my beloved Lunlins into. I may have pushed them a little too far but it makes for an entertaining tale! One of friendship, fear and flatulence!

Author news

The publishing process for my first novel, "The Lunlins - A Tale of Friendship, Fear and Flatulence" has begun!