Chris Proudfoot is lucky enough to call the beautiful county of Cumbria his home and enjoys walking in the Lake District. He found a passion for writing whilst studying Film and TV production at university and his debut novel, Ne Oublie, started off life as a short film script. He finds inspiration in indie and folk music but also from his own interesting experiences and extensive knowledge of unusual facts. He is now turning his attention to a new project which aims to teach youngsters and parents alike, about such issues as plastic pollution, and what we can all do about it.

Author news

Furlough leave has given Chris time to finalise his debut novel, Ne Oublie, and will soon be available to buy. He hopes that this book, which was inspired by, and dedicated to, his grandfathers life, will just be the beginning of his writing career as he turns his attention to his next project- a children's book series which aims to gently educate kids about big global problems in a way they can understand, whilst finding fun ways to try and combat the issues themselves.