Alan Lorenzini

Though I am British, my home sits in the Celtic heartland of northern Spain. As a child, I lived in England and South Africa. I never quite managed to leave school and have spent most of my adult life working in primary schools in Tanzania, Germany, Indonesia, Holland, China, Italy, Venezuela, Spain and the UK. I am currently working at the International School of The Hague, where my wife and I are reinventing ourselves now that our children have left home to create their own adventures.

Author news

This is my first book with Matador. it is a light-hearted, fantasy fiction for upper primary aged children. Broom and Twig is slightly longer than normal for me, but I couldn't resist adding illustrations. Somewhere between the world we see and the world we don't see, Pakwa and Ibuyan offer their precious wood so that it can be enchanted and returned. The people who freely accept these gifts are affected and connected in extraordinary ways... but at what expense?

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