I was born in the north east of Scotland and grew up in Deeside at the feet of the Cairngorms. My great grandparents were Gaels and came from the Highlands. I have a love for the Gaelic language and culture. I am currently studying Gaelic part time through Edinburgh College and am a member of the local Gaelic speaking group. I am also a keen artist and love illustrating and painting. I have written and illustrated Na Gàidheil / The Gaels, an Introduction to Scottish Gaelic for Children, parents, teachers and adults who want to learn basic Gaelic words in simple and easy to understand way. Tha gaol agam air Gàidhlig!!

Author news

South Lanarkshire Council have introduced a smaller, school edition of Na Gàidheil into local schools. Review "Na Gàidheil is a visually appealing book that gives children an introduction to the Gaelic language through fun characters and enchanting images.” Michael Newton, Gaelic Scholar and Author, https://virtualgael.wordpress.com