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"16 Weeks and Everything After..." - Paul Whymark
51 Weeks - Julia Myerscough
A Career in Accountancy - Garth Pedler
A Kingdom for a Stage - Tony Diggle
A Place of Sense - Rick Vivian
A Plague on Both Your Houses - Ian Porter
a rational man - J S Hollis
A Settlement in Kind - Michael Humfrey
A Wartime Journey Revisited - Ian and Sandie Schagen
An English Impressionist - Brent Shore
Ancell's Final Battle - Tony Main
Anno Domini: The Story of Christianity in the British Isles - Frances Marrow
Are You the Foie Gras Correspondent? - Chris Bockman
Arthur and the Mysterious Artefact - Craig Speakes
Arundel at War 1642-1644 - Rosemary Hagedorn
Ask for Blues - Malcolm Walton
Badger and Crab's Adventure - Catherine Trimby
Be a Warrior Not a Worrier - Hayley L Silk
Beyond the Arch - David Evered
Broadsword - R. W. Hughes
Casa Fontanalba’s Visitors’ Book - Clarence Bicknell
Charlie Green and the Knights of the Round Table - Martyn Blunden
Children of The Earth - E. J. Jackson
Clash of the Vikings - Peter Wilks
Cockles and Muscles - Paul Gwynfor Davies
Constructing the Self in Language and Narrative in the Work of Grazia Deledda -
Counting Family - Natalie Axander
CRASH! BANG! WALLOP! - Laurie McTaggart
Dark Knight - Shruti Trivedi
Defence of Europe by Sikh Soldiers in the World Wars - Mohindra S Chowdhry
Disgusted Ladies - Anne Carwardine
Double Damned: English Tuberculosis Complex - Trevor Jones
Dyed Souls - Gary Santorella
Dynamo Memory - Paul Archer
Emotional Sandwiches - Sarah Ashley Neal
Exploring Cambridge - Rachel Riley
Felipe & Esmeralda go to the Galapagos! - Paul Watkins
Find Another Place - Ben Graff
FIRE! - David Edwards Hulme
For the Old Country - Richard Schwartz
For the Old Country - Richard Schwartz
Four Enchanting Tales - Michelle Sherwood
Fragrance of Freedom - Heena Vasani
Frederick the Mouse - John McEwan-Whyte
Friends in Exile: Italo Svevo and James Joyce - Brian Moloney
Galleon - Ruby Smith
Gallop - Sue Lyon-Heap
Giants of European History - Jack J. Kanski
Good Grief - Brian Hutchinson
Good Wives & Secret Lives - Janey Kaya
Grave Island - Andrew Smyth
Grumpus - Maureen Patching
Hands, the Achilles’ Heel - Peter Ffitch
Head Above Water - Hugh Shankland
Hello - Natalie Axander
Her American Classic - G J Morgan
Hidden Variables - Caitlin Lynagh
Highland Journal - Jack P. Harland
His American Classic - G J Morgan
History of Africa, Asia and Australia - Jack J. Kanski
History of England - Jack J. Kanski
I Am Not Alone - Professor M.R. Ali
I Would Have Done the Job for Nothing - J S Forrest C. Eng. MIMechE
If it is so Good to Talk, Why is it so Hard? - Ian A. Marsh
International Code of Practice for Providing Technology Enabled Care Services - Brian Donnelly
Intervention: Eavesdroppers - James Hanford
Intervention: Murky Depths - James Hanford
Intervention: The King Pin - James Hanford
James Cooke - Daniel J. Clay
Jenny Leach Paintings, Prints, Drawings from 1986 to 2016 - Jenny Leach
Journey Through Time - Ivica Hausmeister
Jump and Dance - J. L. Walker
Kids in Shorts - Melody Starkey
Knoxley Hall - Eddie Heaton
Lifestyle Change With April - April Laugh
Living Humanism: Part 1 - Philip Nathan
Living Humanism: Part 2 - Philip Nathan
Long Shadows - Glenn Spiers
Lost & Found - Betina Kerstin
Love on Inishcoo, 1787 - Martin Sheppard
Made Strange By Time - Derek Healy
Manifesto - Michael D. Halliday
Mark’s Out of Eleven - Will Stebbings
Mastering Soft Skills - Julian Vyner
Meditation & Yoga - Dr Yogini Shubh Veer
Meet Crumb! - Jamie Croshaw
Meeting Lydia - Linda MacDonald
Melanesia, Melancholia and Limericks - David Fletcher
Military Commanders of WW2 - Jack J Kanski
Moving On - Michael Foot
Mummy Says...Daddy Says - Jules Ede
My Collected Thoughts - Ray Salmon
My Favourite People - Rob Keeley
My Husband - Anne Elliot
My Mother My Mirror - Andrea Kitt
My Rich Prince - Dr Okechukwu Michael Mwim
Mystical Moonlight - Catherine Rosevear
Near Death and Other Memorable Moments - John Laker
Nine Till Three and Summers Free - Mike Kent
No Number Nine - F J Campbell

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