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Pet Poems from the Box of Rhyme
Atlantis and the Biblical Flood
Mutable Passions
Dying to be Slim
The Squashed Man Who Married a Dragon
Helter Skelter
The Armageddon Pact
Opposable Truths
The Country-cides of Namibia and Botswana
Sylvie and Bruno
Sylvie and Bruno
Zappa and Jazz
The Spirit of London
The Nightingale Shore Murder
Triathlon - It HURTS
Grand Vizier of Krar
The House by the Liffey
Forty One
Rhyming Ballads
The Avrah Stories
A Scrapbook For Summer
Ane Compact of Villainy
183 Times a Year
Handy Lingo
Don’t ‘Just’ STOPIT.DOIT
The Living Dolls – Origin
Sorted Miss
So, there
A Woman by a Well
Colonial Sunset, Republican Dawn
The Mystery of the Magna Carta
The Mystery of The Fifth Ballade
Public Face Private Vice
The Sage Train
Dead Man's Legacy
Life on Planet WWF
Life on Planet WWF
The Price of Love
A Pre-Modernist Manifesto
Letters From Home

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Appointment in Zambia
Of Ink, Wit and Intrigue
Life on Planet WWF
The Golden Goddess
The New Disciples and the Second Coming
Charlotte Stone and the Children of the Nymet
The STREAM TONE: The Future of Personal Computing?
The Secret of the Cathars
Ancell's Quest
The Nuts and Bolts of Vocational Training and Assessment
A Different Reflection
From Farms to Pharma
Malaga Mysteries
Epitaph for a Working Man
The Loxley Trust
Phonics Stories for Older Learners and Phonics Resources for Older Learners Bundle!
Dead Man's Legacy
Curried Chess
Marriage, A Journey and A Dog
Grand Vizier of Krar
Crazy Over You
Upon a Trailing Edge
Dark Places combo deal