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1066 Turned Upside Down
Unrecognised by the World at Large
Counting the Cost
In the Blink of an Eye
The Ferret Files
The Smart Money Woman
A Walk by the Sea
Wanton Windmill
The Report of Diffy Guinn
Cleaning Up in the Valkyrie Suite
A Sense of Presence
A Shadowing of Angels
Dancing in the Rain
End Point
Shouting in the Evenings
Poems and More Poems by Ren
Valegro – The Little Horse with the Big Dream
Crying in Cupboards
Extraordinary Shorts
Wasp Days
The Catchers
Reasons to Believe
The Chaos in the Middle East: 2014-2016
Curves of Freedom
The Road to Corbyn
Lost Souls
Last Days in Berlin
Bliss Irises
Ilona Lost
When the Ice Melts
Voice Behind the Mask
Trail of the Viking Finger
Billy's New Camera
Standing Orders
The Bus
Kookaburra on the Deck
Time is the Brake
The Last Voyage of the Shelduck
Tears of the West
The Iraq Betrayals

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The Golden Goddess
The New Disciples and the Second Coming
Writing Your Nonfiction Book
Marriage, A Journey and A Dog
Who Will Be Your Judge
Grand Vizier of Krar
Business Psychology in Action
Small Lives, Big World
Whatever Next?
Archie Brevitt's Amazing Christmas Escapade
Clearful and the Queen
The Meaning of Life for a Modern Mum
The Chaos in the Middle East: 2014-2016
Billy's New Camera