Marketing Your Book

We are pleased to offer a wide range of book and ebook marketing services to Matador authors. If you decide to sign up for our Book Trade and/or Media/Public Relations Marketing, our Marketing Department will work with you on a one-to-one basis to market your book to the retail trade and publicise it to the media. Matador offers in-house trade marketing and media and PR services for books and ebooks, based on many years of active marketing knowledge and experience. We also offer further marketing services through our industry partners at discounted rates.

Marketing your book or ebook is probably the hardest part of successfully publishing a book. We will be realistic about the chances of your book reaching a wider market before we agree to undertake marketing. We (or anyone else) can’t guarantee sales of your book, and make no promises for the number of copies that will sell as a result of marketing activities, but by the same measure, without any marketing at all – either by you or us – sales of your book will be minimal through the book trade.

Marketing a book and marketing an ebook are very different activities, with the target audiences for each format in different locations. We thus offer separate ebook and book marketing services to enable authors to choose exactly what they want. We offer the following services:

Note that all services are quoted exclusive of VAT, which is applicable to UK residents at the standard rate.


Book Marketing

Book Trade Marketing (£300.00)

Marketing your book to the retail trade is the cornerstone of getting your book sold more widely than just to your family and friends. Without retail trade marketing, your book will still be listed by retailers as it carries an ISBN number, but no retailer will stock it or buy copies unless a customer specifically places an order.

Our Book Trade Marketing is designed to get your book in front of those people in the retail trade who make the buying decisions. Matador has been working with retailers, wholesalers and library suppliers for over 18 years, and most of our book sales are made through high street and online retailers, and via library suppliers and wholesalers.

Matador offers authors a full retail trade distribution through Orca Books. Our distribution service is offered as part of our Book Trade Marketing.

Our Book Trade Marketing service includes the following specific services:

Sales Representation (£200.00)

For authors wishing to give their book the best possible chance of selling through high street retailers, we offer full trade sales representation through Star Book Sales. Star have a team of 11 regional sales representatives who actively hand-sell new titles into retailers’ head offices, local stores and other book retail outlets in the run up to a book’s publication date.

To qualify for sales representation, authors must print 300 copies or greater so that there are enough copies to place on retailers’ shelves.

Our sales representation service includes all of the administrative work involved in setting up a title to be represented by Star Book Sales, and includes a range of other benefits designed to maximise the efficacy of the sales representation:

Full details on Star Book Sales and sales representation are available on our Factsheet.


Starter Media Marketing (£400.00)

Our media/public relations marketing service is for authors who aim to give their book a cost-effective media profile, and is run in-house by Matador’s marketing team. It concentrates on seeking to achieve media coverage for you and your book.

Our media services are only available to authors taking our Book Trade Marketing service, as without effective trade marketing, media and PR work is pointless. While we target selected national media as appropriate for your book, we do not undertake national TV and radio marketing (this is included in the Enhanced Media Outreach Service).

Our Media Marketing service specifically includes:

Enhanced Media Outreach (£850.00)

For authors whose book has a wide national appeal, or who wish to carry out a more comprehensive/prominent media campaign, our Enhanced Media Outreach service is designed to capture the attention of print, radio and TV journalists across the country. Using Vuelio, a PR service used by publishers including Random House, Taylor & Francis and Emerald Group, we can directly contact up to 60,000 journalists, working in subject-specific areas of the industry, to tell them about you and your book.

When we distribute press releases via Vuelio, we frequently get instant responses from the journalists who wish to find out more information – which often leads to major media coverage. Using Vuelio, we have had coverage in the major daily papers, including The Daily Mail, The Daily Telegraph, The Times, The Daily Express, The Sun, The Guardian and The Independent, as well as prominent regional publications like The Irish Post, South London Press and Absolutely Media, plus in subject-specific publications like Travel Guide London, Footy Boots and Parents Net.

This service is designed to increase the number and depth of media responses that you will receive. It is most effective carried out in advance of your book’s publication; we start Enhanced Media Outreach before your book has been sent to print, in order to give us more of a lead-in time to work with key print, broadcast and online media.

The Enhanced Media Outreach service includes everything in the Starter Media Marketing Service, plus:


Ebook Marketing

At Matador we offer ebook marketing services designed to give your ebook the best chance of being seen by journalists, bloggers and reviewers worldwide. Our ebook marketing services are ideal for authors who want a comprehensive, cost-effective media campaign that they can tie in with their own marketing work.

We offer two tiers of ebook marketing services, designed to suit a different budgets and goals. Both of them include an entry on NetGalley, the leading ebook media review service – where ebooks have a chance of being seen by members of the media, bloggers, reviewers and retailers worldwide. Having an ebook on NetGalley gives it equal footing with those from the main commercial publishers like Random House, Penguin and HarperCollins, where over 300,000 opted-in members worldwide can browse for ebooks by subject, publisher or keyword, and then request a review copy. This often leads to media coverage, reviews and book sales. We then amplify any media coverage using our social media channels to ensure that it's reaching as wide an audience as possible.

Ebook marketing needs to be undertaken after your ebook is released for sale, so our marketing services are designed to work around the release of an ebook to retailers by our in-house production team, over a period of around six weeks or so. Our marketing department works with an author on a one-to-one basis to maximise the impact of marketing activities on an ebook’s marketing campaign. We will also directly follow up with each NetGalley member after publication of your ebook has passed, as following up can often result in further reviews and coverage.


Starter Ebook Marketing (£250.00)

Extended Ebook Marketing (£450.00)

All of the above in the Starter Ebook Marketing service, plus:


Social Media Marketing

The use of social media to promote books and ebooks has become an industry-standard means of reaching a diverse yet closely-targeted audience. For many people, however, social media like Twitter and Facebook remain something of a mystery. For this reason, we have introduced a separate social media marketing service, designed to establish an author presence online, that enable authors to promote their work using various social media.

We focus mainly on Facebook and Twitter, the leading social media sites; these are also the most author-friendly, and are proven in increasing discoverability of authors and books. It can take years to build an author brand, but this campaign will kick-start your knowledge and use of the social media sphere. It is especially suitable for those who struggle to find their way around the internet or learn how to use new websites. This service, along with our invaluable social media handbook, will have you tweeting and posting in no time!

We create professsional-standard social media accounts on your behalf and start building your author brand, while gently introducing you into the world of social media. This campaign will give you a period of dedicated social media support from our experienced marketing team. Our aim is to fully involve you in using the accounts we set up for you, so that by the time the campaign has ended you will be confident with using them yourself.

Social Media Marketing (£300)

Supplementary Marketing Services

We offer all our authors – whether or not they are taking any of our marketing services above – a wide range of supplementary marketing services. All are designed to raise the profile of your book or ebook, and many can be used by you directly to promote your work to retailers and readers.
All our Supplementary Marketing Services are detailed in our flip-book, and include: