Information Centre

Our Information Centre enables those considering publishing with us to look in greater detail at a wide range of our services. We've also made available some resources to help those wishing to prepare their own print files, and information on all sorts of marketing matters. If you have any queries on any of the services we offer, please don't hesitate to call or email.

Authors already publishing with Matador have access to our Author Centre (login required), where there is a far wider range of resources available designed to help our authors market and sell their book and ebook more effectively.

Our Services

PDF Download Self-Publishing services
Details of all our services are in our online 'flip-book'
PDF Download Editorial services
A guide to the copy editing and proof reading services offered by our editorial department.
PDF Download Ebook Production and Distribution services
A more detailed look at the ebook creation and distribution services that Matador offers.
PDF Download Fast-track Production
If you’re in a hurry to get your book published, we offer a Fast-track production service.
PDF Download Supplementary Marketing Materials
We offer a wide range of marketing materials and services to all our authors, irrespective of whether they are taking any other Marketing Service… [

Before Production Starts

PDF Download Copyright
A basic overview of copyright for authors. Want to reproduce a photo or some song lyrics in your book but not sure if this is allowed under copyright laws? Learn what you can and can’t do here.
PDF Download Understanding ISBNs
Are you using your own ISBN or are you using one ISBN supplied via Matador? Learn more about ISBNs, and the implications of using your own or a Matador ISBN when publishing.
PDF Download Understand your Publication Date
What is a publication date? Why has your book has been given a particular publication date, and how do we decide?
PDF Download Supplying Print Ready PDF Files
Essential information if you are supplying any print ready PDF files to us for use in your book. Avoid potential printing problems by checking this information first.
PDF Download Cover Enhancements
A range of cover enhancements to make your book’s cover stand out on a retailer’s shelf.

Distribution and Sales

PDF Download The Book Trade
Understanding how the book trade works – from distributor to wholesalers, orders to returns – will demystify much for all authors.
PDF Download Bookshops
How bookshops place orders, and information on best practice in working with bookshops.
PDF Download Online Bookshops
How online bookshops work and where they get their information. Learn how Amazon list and source books and understand programs such as the Amazon Search Inside! and Google Booksearch.
PDF Download Sales Representatives and Distribution
Find out more about our sales representatives at Star Book Sales and the distribution of our books through Orca Book.
PDF Download Overseas Distribution
Options for making your book available for overseas distribution – which includes having your title book available from Learn more about how this works and what books are suitable.

Additional Marketing Services

PDF Download Social Media Marketing
Find out about our social media marketing services.
PDF Download Book Video Trailers
Find out about the creation and distribution of a Video Trailer for your book or ebook.