“a courageous and moving story written by a courageous woman, in which she describes vividly her experiences of some of the best and the worst of human behaviour. It should provide help and insight to many people who are enduring mental suffering. It is a powerful lesson for those who live with, care and provide support for people with mental disturbance and those who administer health-care systems”
Prof. Frederick Toates, co-author of Obsessive Compulsive Behaviour "Nothing splendid has been achieved except by those who dared to believe that something inside them was superior to circumstances... The book, like its author is splendid."
Dr Ojeicha, GP

"a compelling story ... with lessons for managers, clinicians and service users jumping out of every page. It's not easy but it's a must!"
Professor Antony Sheehan, Chief Executive of the Leicestershire and Rutland NHS Trust

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