"This single volume contains three of the best written accounts of voyages and seagoing under sail that I’ve read in many a year."
- Sailing Today

'A classic...riveting, informative and beautifully told.'
- Jake Kavanagh, Practical Boat Owner

'Remarkable tales, exceptionally well told. A real pleasure and of great value to anyone sailing small boats on long voyages'
- Colin Jarman, Sailing Today

'Taylor writes compellingly of his voyages...'
- Yachting Monthly

'...this is a book that deserves a place on your shelf - excellent writing and interesting from from the first page to the last.'
- Steve Pavey, Corribee Owners' Association

"I really, really enjoyed it... It carted me off to sea during a horrifyingly landlocked series of meetings and train journeys"
- Sam Llewellyn, Writer

"[His] extraordinary recall of detail and compulsive way with words easily held me for a single sitting."
- Cruising

"The author is undoubtedly an adventurer with a great skill as a writer... A marvellous book of the sea. Very highly recommended."
Sea Breezes Magazine

"...there is really nothing you can say about it but to recommend that you go out and buy it. It is that good."
Royal Naval Sailing Association Journal

"In a world where it can sometimes seem that machines rule over human endeavour, the author's story is inspiring."
Offshore magazine

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