“Reading 16mm of Innocence, I felt totally immersed in this intriguing story. Quentin's writing always has an endearing charm, despite dealing with harsh realities and dark topics. Quentin portrays his world in pin sharp detail, bringing it vividly to life around you. His characters live, their mannerisms and quirks defined with painterly precision. It was a pleasure to lose myself in the strange and hostile west African town of Luderitz with Quentin's cast of likeable misfits. I felt part of their fragmented and troubled family; I was beside them as they unearthed horrifying secrets and tried to salvage their relationships. The story, with its shocking revelations and captivating twists, had me hooked. It's the perfect blend of engaging fiction and vile historical reality. I thoroughly enjoyed this spellbinding story.”
Antony Wootten, author of A Tiger Too Many.

“Truly accomplished and compelling - rich on so many levels. Quentin has astonishing expertise at weaving historic fact into a very exciting personal thriller that both shocks and moves. An absolute must for all ages."
Kenteas Brine (Producer Who’s Your Monkey (Throwing Stars) won Berlin Film Festival Award)