"This is a book we have been waiting for, an essential integration of our basic human capacities, the emerging skills and tools available to us, and the daunting crises of our times.  Parlett has a rare gift for ranging from the personal to the global and back again, weaving these dynamic elements together with insight, empathy, and panache. The result for this reader is new perspective, new connections of ideas, and a renewed hope for our human future." – Gordon Wheeler, President of the Esalen Institute, Big Sur, California

"The whole human family face the urgent task of developing our collective consciousness and ways of being in the world. Malcolm Parlett eloquently and practically shows how we can develop five key human capacities that we all need." –Peter Hawkins, Professor of Leadership, Henley Business School and author of Leadership Team Coaching: Developing Collective Transformational Leadership, among other books.

“In all its wonderful intricacy, intimacy and gentle guidance, the essence of this book is an invitation to enter the Five Explorations he describes alongside Malcolm, an intrepid explorer himself, wholeheartedly embracing our future and the gifts we share.” – Emily Skye, poet, blogger and arts activist