'Every now and again a book comes along that changes the way you see the world - clarifying what you have already felt, but never quite identified, at some intuitive level. This book is one of those. Read it, absorb it, and you will never be quite the same again.'
Jason Webster, Author of Duende, Sacred Sierra and ‘Max Camara’ detective novels

‘Steve Bonham gives us permission to live the lives we yearn for. This book is a highly readable manifesto for contemplative action. Humble, wise, funny and steeped in reality, it is a generous act by a man who only wishes us a better, more audacious life.’
Cilian Fennel, Irish TV producer, Storymaker and Communication Consultant

‘For a psychologist, he seems amazingly sane. But not too sane to set off on whacky adventures. Steve shows how we all need to nurture our innate sense curiosity and see what lies round the next corner.’
Stephen Venables, Mountaineer, Writer and Broadcaster

'A Little Nostalgia For Freedom is a timely book. In this age of doubt and crisis, Steve Bonham leads us towards a more reflective and rewarding way of looking at our lives, and gives us the tools to find genuine fulfillment. Laconic, funny and intensely human, I'd recommend it to anyone getting ready to set out on this journey.'
Robert Twigger, Poet, Writer and Explorer and Author of Angry White Pyjamas, Being a Man and The Lost Oasis