"If the truth is man’s most powerful weapon, then Mr. Oldfield’s book should rock the foundations of quite a few global creative departments. And one or two corporate head offices. Having followed Mr. Oldfield’s impressive career (and talent) for a number of years, he has always impressed me with his perspicacity. Never one to shy away from what had to said, John’s easy to read insights should be, but sadly aren’t, self-evident. And while it may be distressing news for agency executives (I can see them trying to buy every copy of this book, so their clients can’t) it will be an invaluable tool for any company wishing to keep their agencies honest and on brief."
Tim Bond, advertising agency principal and founder of the online magazine This Magnificent Life

"This slim volume is a valuable handbook for advertising clients, their agencies, and especially those who approve an ad budget, written by experienced agency Creative Director, John Oldfield. If you're spending a fair amount on advertising, but not getting the returns you expect, or if you want to ensure that the advertising you produce is as effective as possible, then this quick read will pay for itself many times over."
Simon Chapman, Client Service Director, Gmasco