''This is a book well worth reading - especially if you were a student in any college or university as it is bound to bring back many (forgotten?) memories. I hope Colin has more ideas hidden away that could lead to a further book.'' Trevor Monson

''Whilst the students in this book are a little more civilised and hard-working than those I remember, they make wonderfully likeable characters and keep you feeling nostalgic about the “old days”. If you lived through those days then you must read it. Like me, every chapter will have you saying, “Yes, I remember when …”. If you dance or are involved in folk music it will remind you of the days when folk was fashionable and, if you just want a book that you can sit back and enjoy from cover to cover, then this is one for you. Go on, read it, I’ll guarantee you’ll do so with a smile on your face and, if you’re of that certain age, with a warm glow of nostalgia.'' – Steve Thomason, (University of Wales graduate, retired teacher, lapsed Morris dancer)

This book was a pleasure to read. It is very well written and cleverly crafted to take the reader through many amusing and interesting incidents from start to finish. It is light and entertaining, full of useful imaginative discriptions and charmingly real characters. I was sorry to finish it. Amazon.com review