Susan Giles

Susan Giles

A romantic at heart, Susan started writing love stories in her teens, and was one of the last teenagers to elope to Gretna Green before the age of majority was lowered to eighteen. But for her the mundane reality of married life could not compete with her ideal, and the marriage sadly ended in divorce.

Ironically for someone so in love with the romance genre, her first published stories were supernatural thrillers, appearing in successive issues of the London Mystery Selection. But it wasn’t long before she was back to her favourite topic, and stories quickly followed in the magazines True Secrets and True Romance in America.

But a ‘proper’ living had to be earned and Susan obtained a post as a technical writer in a manufacturing company. She stayed there for twenty-three years, until she left to return to romantic fiction.

Susan has an honours degree in English and history from the Open University. She now lives in Somerset, where she divides her time unequally between writing, reading, gardening, travelling… and trying to play the piano.

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