Thea Euryphaessa

Thea Euryphaessa

Thea Euryphaessa (pronounced, 'thee-a yuri-feesa’) has been an avid student of the psyche for twenty-five years. Specialising in personal transformation, she weaves together depth psychology, dreams, alchemical symbolism, and myth into a compelling style that is uniquely her own.

Witty, spirited, and down-to-earth, Thea has a canny ability of making complex, abstract subjects relevant, interesting, and accessible for layfolk. This approach has made her popular with those who yearn for an expanded vision of themselves, a deepened sense of identity, and an enriching life imbued with soul.

Thea is also the author of two memoirs, Running into Myself: A Journey through the Soul of the Feat and its follow-up Growing into MySelf which chart her personal journey over a ten-year period. The final book in her memoir trilogy is currently in the works.

Book cover - Growing into MySelf