Gwynn Davis

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I am a retired academic (Professor of Socio-Legal Studies, Bristol University Law School). I published extensively in the course of my work, but Aberystwyth Boy is my one attempt at fiction.

Most of the fourteen stories in this collection were written when I was in my early thirties, although I added several more following retirement.

I spent my teenage years in Aberystwyth and the stories present a cast of characters familiar to me from that time. The'voice' is that of a young boy, but the stories are intended for adults. They are a (mostly) humorous take on the travails of teenage years.

This is the second edition of the book, one story having been added since the first edition, published in 2015.

In my younger days I was a good athlete, winning multiple Welsh titles and competing for Wales in the 1970 Commonwealth Games. I now live in Cardiff with my partner, Sue. We are both keen tournament bridge players and I also enjoy teaching and writing about the game.