Nic Bullivant

Nic Bullivant

Nic Bullivant was born and raised in Sheffield, and holds an Honours degree in Pure Mathematics and Geography from the University there. Mountaineering took him to Scotland in 1977, where he became Senior Ranger in Fife Ranger Service, and later Head Ranger at Cairngorm Mountain Ranger Service. In 1981 he started the Scottish Midweek Mountaineering Club, which still thrives. Nic also plays Horn and composes orchestral music, including two symphonies and numerous solo, orchestral and chamber works. Married to Judith, who plays Bassoon, in 1984, they are both Rangers, and have three children with whom to share their love of the outdoors and music. Nic was active in his local community in paving the way for the Cairngorms National Park, and became a member of the Cairngorms Outdoor Access Forum. He was also for many years a member of the Council of the Scottish Countryside Rangers’ Association, the professional body of Rangers in Scotland, who awarded him their second-only Lifetime Achievement Award in 2016. Now living with Judith, who is also a Ranger near the west coast, he runs QMDs, a hillwalking guiding business.

Cairngorm Ranger