Sam O. Opeche

Sam Opeche

Sam Opeche has been working with married couples for the past ten years to provide counselling through Supportive and Interpretive therapy. His methods enable couples to deal with the presenting problems in their marriages. As well as working with married couples, Sam’s work also involves the provision of tailored relationship advice and guidance to unmarried people who aspire to find bliss in a marital relationship.

As a Psychotherapist, he employs the use of social media platforms and one-to-one discussion to help encourage, educate and energise his clients to practice wholesome principles that aids them to transform their troubled marriages and relationships.

Sam together with his wife Elizabeth Opeche run e Marriage Workshop service that reaches over 300,000 people monthly on Facebook. rough bespoke video clips and messages, they touch on salient issues affecting many marriages and have a growing followership of over 37,000 people since the workshop started on July 14th 2016, which was their 16th wedding anniversary.
His wife Elizabeth and he are both from broken homes, but it is Sam’s background and life’s story that has remained his motivation to see a change in the prospect of marriages in this generation.