Sharon Bull

Photo by Steve Hill Photography

In September 2013 I set up in self-employment as an Inspirational Speaker/Writer/Poet under the banner of 'A Compassionate Voice. The sole purpose was to creatively help others through my own experiences with mental health, depression, addiction, recovery and well-being.

Since starting the business there has been many highs and lows along the way, but I truly believe when someone finds their purpose in life they will overcome any obstacle to reach their goal.

My story has caught the attention of many, which is why I have chosen to share my experiences in my upcoming book 'Stripped Bare'.

Going public about mental health issues, past mistakes and life errors that most people would probably choose to closet, rather than use as examples in a book is a huge gamble to take, but I feel it is a venture worth the risk, if it helps and inspires others.

I am now in the process of writing a follow up book titled ‘Step Outside the Box’, which will hopefully be published Spring 2018.

My talk packages have already been a huge success at numerous and varied functions, including annual conferences, well-being events and mental health seminars. For further information, and, or to book me as a speaker please contact via email