Juliet Castle

JC by the sea

I began writing as a young child, as a communication tool between my outer and inner worlds. My life began in grief as a toddler with family death. Wonder followed. I spent my time quietly observing life's interactions, people and nature. It was astounding to see what was truly occurring within these scenes ~ the vitality of a force that carried the essence of everything was alive and present. It communicates to all who listen to its silent call. The grief of my life circumstances progressed, endeavouring me further into seeking that silent caller. Answers to questions came; clarity, discovery, uncovering of the links between earth so low and the ether above. This is the place I write from. We are all on the journey to that uprising. I collaborate with visual artist, Jaye Gray, to facilitate the soul seeker, by creating what we term Soul Revolutionary Literature ~ artistic, poetic, and spirited work, which entices the conscious, subconscious and superconscious mind into progressive awareness. This is where truth and joy reside. I reside within nature's bliss on Vancouver Island, Canada.

Drawn into me, by Jaye Gray