Martyn Blunden

The scary graveyard of my childhood!

Martyn Blunden grew up in a small Sussex market town with a steam railway still serving it when he was a boy. Living at the top of a cutting he and his siblings were latter-day Railway Children before the line was closed in the mid-sixties. After initially following a career in agriculture he became a pilot and then flying instructor and examiner at the local airport. His interest in writing goes back many years and he has already had aircraft technical books published, but is now excited about the forthcoming publication of his first novel – Charlie Green and The Pirate’s Treasure. Inspired by the games he’s played with his two daughters, his own childhood memories of imagined adventures and his love of history, Martyn has created a story where an aeroplane -blessed with magical properties - can transport the sibling heroes wherever they wish in the past. Their travels have a nod to the television series Mr Benn, but are really more like Back to the Future meets Horrible Histories!