Erwin Hohn & Adi Nell

Erwin Höhn

Erwin Höhn is a veterinary surgeon with both training and experience in business (MBA) as well as a postgraduate degree in sociology with group dynamics and medical sociology as a speciality. He has over a decade’s experience in university lecturing and heading multidisciplinary teams in projects involving, strategy development and implementation, project management and control, media management and programme planning as well as public relations. During this time he co-chaired a Kellogg’s Foundation funded project in South Africa involving various faculties, NGO’s, government departments and other community organisations. Here he gained considerable experience in dealing with challenges involving obstructive senior academics, government ministers, etc.

Erwin’s commercial experience was primarily gained in a multinational pharmaceutical company with responsibilities in training, sales, marketing and technical management – both on a national and international level. He has also owned and managed an international business consultancy operating out of Germany and Portugal.

Erwin is presently a Director of The Firm Foundation & Institut IPA. He is also a senior partner in a large multisite UK-based international veterinary group. He sits on the Committees responsible for Strategy & Planning and Operations as well as having oversight of Marketing, HR and Organisational Development.

Erwin is Licensed Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and a Thomas International accredited psychometrician & aptitude tester.

Adi Nell – like Erwin, is a senior partner in a large international, multisite UK-based veterinary group. He sits on the Planning and Strategy Committee, chairs the Marketing and HR Committee and serves on the Operations Committee, as well as having direct managerial responsibility for over 100 staff at multiple sites. He is currently engaged in advanced business studies at a leading UK university. Adi is very active in veterinary politics and in 2012/13 was the President of the Society of Practising Veterinary Surgeons, as well as serving on one of the British Veterinary Association’s standing committees. He has specialist veterinary clinical qualifications and ran a veterinary referral practice for several years

Adi Nell