Alan Grimes

The translator

Alan Grimes was educated at Latymer School in North London and later spent three years in the navy until 1946. He took a degree in Chemistry at University College London, a PhD in biochemistry at St. Thomas's Hospital Medical School, and spent many years as a research biochemist interested in red cells. He retired early from the post of Head of the Haematology Department in St. Thomas' and Guys Hospitals in 1987. As a scientist, the loss of professional and laboratory backup, with the rapid developments in the field of genetics, made it difficult to keep in touch with scientific advances. So with the encouragement of a friend he turned to an earlier passing interest in learning French.

This proved to be a rewarding retirement pastime, without the push to be at the cutting edge of anything. He came across an author, the late Pierre Véry, a prolific writer in the thirties and later, of mystery and magic thrillers, popular in France but little known among English-speaking readers. Véry was also deeply involved with the French cinema and a number of his novels were made into successful films.

Previously, only one of the forty-five or so of Véry's novels had been available in English; Alan Grimes has just published the second of his own English translations of these books. He proposes to produce further translations and to make English readers of the whodunnit genre aware of Véry's store of amusing and gripping tales.

Alan Grimes is married with two sons. When not translating, he and his wife Elizabeth spend their time quietly travelling, being naturalists, photography and attempting to maintain their modest property in a style to which the property would like to become accustomed.

Cover of Goupi Mains Rouge