Rowland Woollven

Rowland Woollven

Rowland Woollven started kayaking whilst at school and progressed through the disciplines of down river touring and racing, canoe polo, slalom, sprint, marathon and long-distance racing before settling on sea and surf kayaking as his main interests. Rowland has worked on a large number of kayaking symposiums in the UK and USA, both as an on-water coach and as a principal speaker and lecturer. His main area of interest for sea expeditions is South East Alaska and the west coast of British Columbia, where he has led several major trips, including a 6 week circumnavigation of the Queen Charlotte Islands in 1998. Other expeditions in the past have taken him to Norway and France. Closer to home, in 2008 he paddled threequarters of the mainland British coast. He finished the circumnavigation in 2012 - having taken rather longer than planned!

Rowland now lives near Oban on the west coast of Scotland.

On home waters