Marilyn Messik

Marilyn Messik

A regular feature and fiction writer for national magazines when her children were small; Marilyn set up her first business, selling toys, books and party goods - initially from home - before opening first one shop then another.

When she sold the shops, she moved into the travel market, focusing on accommodation in New England, USA. Her niche Advisory, Planning and Booking Service - sourcing unique hotels, country inns and B&Bs – flourished and she concurrently set up a publishing company, producing an annual, full-colour Accommodation Guide.

The success of the service and the guide led to speaking invitations at industry conferences across the U.S. and a place on the board of various professional bodies. Her accommodation guide was eventually bought out by Thomas Cook Publishing.

In 2007 she set up Create Communication, a copywriting consultancy, to help businesses shape their messages to optimum effect. She now spends her time writing website texts; press releases and leaflets as well as creating business strategies and working on book publishing projects with clients.