Christy Ellynby

Christy Ellynby

I am a trained counsellor/advocate and have worked with Kids,Teens and Special Needs Children. I have extensive management and business skills which helped me gain a final five placing in the local business awards, being awarded a commendation award for an original creation of a successful character concept Greeny now known as Greanwold. Greanwold is the main character in Greanwold's World. soon to be a fully interactive website with downloadable "apps" and video games and production planned for 6 TV specials and a feature film produced in Vancouver Canada.
It was my work with Teens and involvement with Greanwold the inspired me to write the <"24th Room">

It has also been my work with children and teens that has contributed to the creation of the Greanwold Foundation for Kids Worldwide.

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