Karl Coates

A Massive thank you to every one that bought it.x

Ever wondered how those pictures you see in News Reports actually get onto your telly and the stories behind them, well let me tell you. This book is about my life on the road, with plenty of funny stories from around the world, as well as an insight into my persoal life. I have tried to keep things light hearted, but its not always possible as for the most part News is normally bad. I spent the neck end of 23 years working for Sky News and 4 years at the BBC during which time I travelled the globe, met the great and the good and experienced life like no other, I have been genuinely very lucky to have seen and experienced the things I have and also to be alive. Some stories will make you laugh and some may well make you wince or cry, and some are just dam right unbelieveable, but as we say in the trade, don't let the facts get in the way of a good story, so I won't. Cameramen are a strange breed and what they experience at times is even stranger, so hold onto your hats and take a ride...enjoy.xxx

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