Angela Inglis

Angela Inglis

Angela Inglis has been a resident of King’s Cross and St Pancras since 1986. While Head of English at a local comprehensive school she studied photography under the guidance of Pat Clough.

Her love and involvement with the area of King’s Cross and St Pancras coincided with her passion for photography. This occurred when it became evident that the local landscape was to undergo a massive change. Angela set about developing an impressive archive of photographic images recording the local landscape. This produced requests from interested bodies which have resulted in numerous photographic exhibitions.

In 2007 she published Railway Lands, Catching St Pancras and King’s Cross incorporating many of these photographs and also photographs that she was allowed to take on site during the construction of St Pancras International. 

This last September she published 'King's Cross: A Sense of Place' which celebrates the survival and rebirth of a small corner of historic London, thanks to the vision and tireless campaigning of people who have lived, worked and believed in the area.

Signing copies of King's Cross: A Sense of Place at Watermark on King's Cross Station