Moragh Carter

Moragh Carter

Moragh Carter is an English writer who lives in the North West of England. Her name is Gaelic and is pronounced Mora.

After leaving school, she trained as an orthopaedic nurse and then as a physiotherapist, but spent much of her married life caring for her disabled husband, who died in 2004. She has three sons and two grandkids, who she tries to see as often as she can.

Although she has written on and off over the years for various newsletters, mainly for the CMT support group which caters for those who shared her late husband’s neuromuscular condition, she has only started writing more seriously since being widowed.

In December 2010 she started entering poetry competitions and, to date, she has had seven poems printed in various anthologies. She has also had several articles printed in the UK Guardian weekend supplement, with the first one being published in December 2011. She is a member of her local writers' circle.

She is part way through a creative writing course which is designed to teach her how to further her writing career. This course was put on hold during most of 2012 while she wrote the biography of her friends, Jack Blanchard and Misty Morgan, from Florida, so she is now working hard to make up for lost time.

She met Jack and Misty, who are award winning country music singers, as a direct result of hearing a song of theirs on internet radio. She contacted them in order to buy their music and, after two years of correspondence, in April 2007 she flew to Florida to meet them. A close friendship developed between them and she is now counted as 'part of their family'. The more she got to know them, the more she realised that they had a story that was worth telling. After spending a couple of years, or more, trying to persuade Jack to write their autobiography, she decided that he was going to run out of lifetime before he started, so the idea was born that she should write their biography. This book will be the first she has written ... but hopefully not the last. She has already had a tentative inquiry from a UK country singer about possibly writing his biography.

Moragh's other hobbies are listening to country music (both on the radio and live) and line dancing. She has made many friends through these pastimes and has met people from all over the UK and from overseas. She loves to travel and, since that trip in 2007, she has been to the USA at least once a year. She has made many friends there, as well as having a sister and cousin who have both lived there for about 40 years. She also attends many country music festivals around the UK, travelling in her red VW camper van which is easily recognised by her friends.