Kim Andrew Lincoln

Kim Andrew Lincoln,57,is an Independent Financial Adviser with twenty years experience in financial services who predicted this economic crisis and devised a strategy that has protected and enhanced his clients wealth.

Kim has also worked in sales management in the fast moving consumer goods industry and ran his own marketing services agency and exhibition organising companies.

His passions are music, history and theosophy and he is a drummer, songwriter and poet. It was Kim's campaigning for fundamental change in the monetary and banking system via his business website, blog and letters to the press that lead to him writing 'A Golden Age Economy' which also includes many of his songs and poetry.

As to why he wrote this book Kim said: "That it was to make it known to as many people as possible how and why it is that the present economic system works against their best interests, and to explain what we can do to ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity to prosper - as our Creator intended. My inspiration came from the teachings of theosophy, which is the ancient wisdom that holds within its heart the answers to all questions concerning how our lives here on earth can be filled with abundance,happiness and joy."